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5 Figure Achiever Celebration Program 2016

Donate your blood and make a difference

Phytoscience Hospital Charity

Office Removal Notice

New members whose registred from 1 JAN 2015

  • All new registration members from 1 Jan 2015 are requested to submit a copy of IC within 14 days to the below email address:-

Congratulations to all car winners!

Tabung Kilat Bencana Banjir Pantai Timur

Important Notices!

  • In order to comply with national regulations and audit requirements beside to prevent illegal speculation bears invade our system. Begin from 16th December 2014 all existing members or new members must attach a copy of their IC as a confirmation
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Product Liability Insurance

  • Please note that the product liability of USD1 million is confined to purchases made by Active Registered Members through our Phytoscienceportal only. Any purchases made from other portals example LAZADA will not be covered.
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Joanne Yew - Brand & Product Ambassador

  • Company would like to announce that Ms. Joanne Yew (Hong Im) is currently our Phyto Science Brand and Product Ambassador. She is the 2007 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant Champion and also the main female actress of ‘The Journey’, the highest grossing Malaysian Film of all time.
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We Are The Trendmakers

  • Dear fellow members, As we mentioned our motto “WE ARE THE TRENDMAKERS”, here a step forward again we contributed and brought out our company’s name appear in the press media . Begin from 1st May 2014 till 30th April 2015 our company has sponsored the whole year “Waktu Solat” info in Berita Harian Newspaper. Let us wish and pray for Phyto Science be life long in the business.
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MITC Melaka Event Lucky Draw Grand Prize Owner

Self Collect/Pick Center

  • Dear Member,
    Thanks you for your love and support, our pick up center has been throughout Malaysia, from now onward members can choose to go to your nearest pick up center that you have to extract the ordered products, we wish the pick up center to be able to provide effectively services. Members can find out from Stockist / Order which obtain information about pick up center in the membership log in website. (May 2014)

Wisma Phyto coming soon this year 2014

GDEX courier service

  • Members having complaints regarding wrong delivery, short of item, wrong item received etc, please log in to www.gdexpress.com.
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How Secure Is My Password?

  • Creating a stronger passwords is going to secure your account in the system. So the very first thing to do when you login in the first time, change your password is to make sure your account in the system is protected.

Prohibited to sign up with other country packages

  • Members from origin Malaysia is seriously prohibited to sign up with other country packages or register any local members by using other country packages. Who go against this rule theirs sponsor and their members’ account will be freeze for 3 months. This rule will be immediate effect upon the notice.

Members on 'Optional Plan'

  • Good News! Due to numerous requirements and more participation from the New Members on 'Optional Plan', we are particularly open to add in new member who signed up less than 60 days, they can maintenance 'Optional Plan' without having to re-purchase the package.
    This offer is effective immediately until March 31, 2014. Let us work together to create a healthy and beautiful! Wealth and freedom!

Minimum Purchase USD

  • Hereby to inform those who would like to purchase USD from Company or Authorised Representative, begin from immedate effect date minimum purchase amount must be at least RM340(100USD). ›› more details

MOU Signing Ceremony

  • The Exclusive Ownership Double Stemcell And Triple Stemcell Formulations . ›› more details

Appointment of “Authorised Representative”

  • We are pleased to announce the appointment of En.Razali Lassim and Mr. Ismail Zakaria as “Authorised Representative” who represent company on sending point to mobile stockist for new member registration and maintain. ›› more details

Advertising to the commercial availability on promoting

  • Begin from 1st September 2013,any material advertising to the commercial availability on promoting of any products, goods, or services which ever carry the name of Phyto Science Sdn Bhd or the brand name Double Stemcell and Triple Stemcell at the news paper, magazine or any printing material, which is totally prohibited without company’s prior express invitation or permission in writing or otherwise. Legal action may be take on whoever offend this regulation.

Server has been migrated

  • Great news! Due to company's rapid expansion, the database from the previous server has been migrated to bigger capacity server, the operation will be back to normal by 5/8/2013 (Monday). We wish to apologize if there is any inconvenient.

Stop Delivery During Holiday

  • Raya AidilFitri celebration, the company will be rest from August 7, 2013 to August 13, 2013 and suspended product shipments till August 14, 2013 resume delivery operations. Please forgive us If there is any inconvenience.

Phyto fm outdoor on-air activity

  • Hereby to inform Phyto fm is having an outdoor on-air activity at bazaar aidilfitri ole-ole shah alam section 18 from 30/7/2013 to 7/8/2013 time: 4.00pm till 11.00pm , ****members are encouraged to visit to the bazaar .

New promotion package for Thailand

  • Here by to inform effective from 16th July 2013 there will be new promo package for Thailand. ›› more details

Phyto Science Sdn Bhd official radio “ PhytoFm”

  • A great news to inform , Phyto Science Sdn Bhd official radio “ PhytoFm” begin broadcast from 25th June 2013. For smartphone user please use your phone apps download “tunein radio” or click the link from www.iphytoscience.com or direct access to www.phytofm.com, wish you enjoy and have a fun. more details

Advertise at PhytoFm

  • Any Phyto Science’s member who would like to advertise their business at PhytoFm, it will be withdraw 30 USD from ewallet. 2 tokens will be given for the snake chess game to those members advertise before 31st August 2013. ›› more details

Great Opportunity Ahead

  • From now onward, those who buy gold package (GOLD), partners are entitled to 60 days promoted to the MOBILE STOCKIST, as supporting to existing partners such as gold members not more than 30 days period, the system will automatically increase 30 days for upgrade themselves from gold to mobile. ›› more details

Out Of Stock

  • Thank you very much for the enthusiastically order on TRiple stemcell Miracle Intence Essence, our existing stock has been sold out and temporary suspend delivery , subsequent delivery times are expected in July 10. TRiple stemcell Miracle Intence Essence) is free of harmful chemical substances in our skin care products, it provide the best care for your skin. Thank you for your love and support for this product, we will as soon as possible to fill up the goods . We extremly apologies on this matter. ›› more details

Travel Campaign

Product Liability Insurance RM3,000,000.00

  • MSIG insurance policy number: SM-08541934-PRL

Patent Number:

  • US2008/0299092 A1
    EP 1985280 A2

KKM reference number

  • Our product DOUBLE stemcell from KKM reference number is KKM-163/S/25 Jld.214.