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1. Can I re-use my AnyLock Bags and Sealing Rods?
Yes. The bags and rods can be washed in warm-soapy water and are also dishwasher-safe

2. Can I use my AnyLock Bags and Sealing Rods in the freezer?
Yes. Both bags and rods are temperature tolerant from 120° down to - 20°C

3. Can I use my AnyLock Bags and Sealing Rods to defrost foods in the microwave?
Yes – but only for defrosting foods (ensure to remove the rod to avoid pressure build-up). The bags are not designed to withstand the very high temperature and "super-heated" hot-spots which are created by microwave cookers.

4. Can I use more than one(1) AnyLock™ Rod on each bag?
Yes. This is a great way to produce sealed compartments to keep food fresh and separate. Fun uses would be to put a cake at the bottom of the bag and sandwiches above or salad at the bottom and dressing above – remove the middle rod and enjoy a freshly dressed salad!

5. Can I use AnyLock™ Rods to seal other bags?
Yes. AnyLock™ rods can be used to re-seal all sorts of pen packs. They are great for crisp and snacks. Rice and Pasta are kept safely under control and fresh • AnyLock Rods will form an effective seal across any pack if the rod is at least 30mm wider than the bag used.